New Service Request

Welcome to the Southern Iowa Rural Water Association Community. We look forward to serving your water needs.

If you have been thinking about hooking on to SIRWA for the first time, adding another service, or maybe adding a service for livestock, there are a few simple steps to follow:


  1. Call our office (641) 782-5744, or print out and complete the add-on request form located at the bottom of this page and mail it to us, along with the $100 application fee.
  2. Based on the location of where you need the water service, we can decide which pipeline would provide the optimum connection.
  3. Once the location is determined, a cost estimate will be made and sent to you.


  1. Obtaining signed land easements from any neighbors whose ground must be crossed by water lines to get to your location..
  2. Notifying neighbors whose ground must be crossed that SIRWA will be on their land and any construction disturbing the land will be returned to its original condition in a timely manner.
  3. Installing and maintaining your own private water line after the metering pit.


  1. Distance from existing pipeline to pit location.
  2. Cost of pipe at the time of request.